Tuesday, January 12, 2010

omg i updated my blog after 84583457346 years

omg...ive decided to write something on this rotting blog again. and as u guess its sem break now. and sem break comes very well with a generous dash of sieness...super sien eh now..

waaa...think think..if really wanna cover all the past events that passed d can get finger cramp eh. so i will just fuck it...stick to the recent event.

been reading a lot of those posts on things happened in 2009. and as a noob which i am, shamelessly regardless of the super lateness of this matter i want to kongsi kongsi a lil on wut had i encountered last year. if take a look back, i feel 09 was pretty much a wonderful year..many ups and certainly many down, yet somehow there were many times and many of those things i could say are life changing. so to cut the crap short :

1. no new year celebration like years before
2. started this blog (i think) cos i lost the password to the first blog...FML ( is this still 'in')
3. uni reopened...marked the beginning of crazy beautiful civilian semester..countless outings, singapore/F1 trip, fatty session with ho liao food etc2
4. applied many many placement for internship and recieved many fucked up responses from intern companies...
5. Petronas Cari Gali said hop in, u are hired, and i was like uh uh...no way. hahaha..pretending lansi..but actuallty was literally crying of happiness...maybe not literally la.
6. ditched petronas for APS Engineering Roma, Italy.
7. pumped up balls and left to rome .......!!!???

eh eh..fuck...these are the things that happened in 2008...fuck la...

what are the things that happened in 09? fuck, i dunt remember at all leh...

screw it la...im going to nap...bb :)


noiseemunkee said...

fuck..even the events do not follow the chronology...!

sOuR said...

monkey, r u writing to ur monkey frens?
we different species, dun get u..

S h e a T e n g said...


noiseemunkee said...

you potato is a lower species..saddup..

Eagle Chou said...

It has been such a while since your last post. Looking forward to your updates!
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